09 Dec

Meet Bagasse, The Super Hero of Sustainable Packaging

If you’ve gone for takeout recently and received your food in cardboard-like takeout boxes, then you may have met “bagasse” in real life. Many eco-friendly restaurants and companies are prioritizing sustainability within their single-use containers, choosing packaging that is made from environmentally-friendly materials. While bamboo is well-known for eco-friendly packages, bagasse is a lesser-known material.

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10 Nov

Recycling During the Holidays

No matter the size of your holiday gatherings this year, you’ll probably be going through a lot of paper products and plastic. As presents and letters make their way to family and friends via mail and package delivery, it’s time to make a plan on how to keep your holidays sustainable and recycle packaging waste the right way. If you’re mailing out Christmas cards or wrapping up presents to ship across the country, consider the materials used to wrap your gifts, construct your Christmas cards,…

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24 Oct

Golden Arrow Accepts Formes de Luxe 2021 Jury Prize for Lancôme Coffrets Cadaeau E-commerce Box

California, October 21, 2021  - Golden Arrow is honored to accept the Formes de Luxe Award Jury Prize for the Lancôme Coffrets Cadaeau E-commerce Box. Every year the Formes de Luxe Awards ceremony celebrates the luxury packaging industry’s top innovations of the year. 

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