Electronics Packaging

Premium products, premium packaging.

The consumer electronics industry is vast and growing—it is important to set your product apart from the competition. This means taking into account the values you want your product and its packaging to show, as well as the design and how it all represents your brand.

Exploded View

1. Molded Fiber Options

Molded Fiber is the recommended, 100% sustainable solution; however, alternative materials are potentially suppliable.

2. Design a Story

The possibilities that can be achieved through Molded Fiber are far reaching. Design your packaging to tell a story and draw customers in.

3. Unique Experience

Continue the unboxing experience by removing the top tray to reveal the perfectly fit accessories below.

4. Documentation

Thanks to Golden Arrow’s extensive printing background, adding documentation folders are a simple part of the total packaging solution.

5. Color Splash

A sleeve is a great way to add that pop of color that will make your package and brand stand out, while giving the molded fiber a sophisticated look.


Seamless Solutions

Our molded fiber and unique manufacturing and printing processes create a seamless solution to fit any product in an efficient, unique, and sustainable way.


Let's Get Creative

There are no limits to what we can accomplish working together with our clients. From our sustainable inks and to our green packaging materials and processes, we’ll make sure that your clients—and the environment—are excited.

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