Luxury Smart Watch

Luxury meets sustainability.

The client was already focused on eco-friendly packaging when we started working together; however, for a high-end luxury product, they needed the quality of materials, production, and design that Golden Arrow can provide.

What's Inside

1. seamless rigid box construction

2. Foil stamping

3. Perfect fit molded fiber trays

4. 90 degree corners

5. hidden Guide + manuals

This brand is all about quality and leaving a lasting impression, and this packaging needed to live up to those standards. The seamless rigid box construction creates sharp, bold, and continuous edges that whisper luxury. The extreme precision of the Molded Fiber trays follows the contours of the watch perfectly, ensuring that there is no shaking or damage to the watch inside its package. The sleek foil stamped exterior continues the minimal but powerful design, and a second Molded Fiber tray houses the guide and manual beneath the watch.

Make a (sustainable) impression.

As a socially responsible company, luxury products can have existing initiatives for using sustainable packaging. In this case, however, the quality was not up to par, and that's where Golden Arrow's Premium Molded Fiber and luxury finishing capabilities came into play. From the seamless lines of the rigid box to the perfectly fit contours of the Molded Fiber tray to the foil stamped art paper, this package is a beauty in the eyes of the consumer and the environment.

Molded Fiber

Go premium

The smallest of details can leave the largest impressions, and we took this concept to heart in the development of this very special smartwatch packaging. Not only is it attractive, but the exactness of the design keeps the product itself safe from scratching, jostling, shaking, or shifting. There is other Molded Fiber out there, but Golden Arrow is the first—and best—at making Premium Molded Fiber with our Green Factories.