Gizmo Set

Variable & sustainable molded fiber, perfect primary packaging for monodose cosmetics or small electronics.

The Gizmo Set is made completely from our industry-leading Premium Wet-Press Molded Fiber, composed of bamboo and sugarcane waste. This revolutionary design is completely sustainable and avoids the use of any plastics, especially critical in the monodose arena.

On top of a responsible use of materials, the Gizmo Set can also be personalized through a number of methods such as precision printing, coloring, embossing, hot transfer film, 3D contouring, and stamping, which results in a luxurious, high-quality feel not found in other molded fiber alternatives.

What's Inside

1. 3D Contour Mesh Molded Fiber

2. Black / Color Molded Fiber

3. Hollow Cut + Emboss

4. Heat Transfer Graphics

5. Customizable pan or tray

What makes the Gizmo Box truly innovative is its commitment to sustainable materials and manufacturing as primary packaging, its luxurious look and feel, and its complete flexibility when it comes to personalization. Although the Gizmo Box is made from molded fiber, it has a smooth, premium, and tactile feel that sets it apart from other molded fiber competition. The additional printing and coloring methods allow for precise control over design and branding, with additional 3D contouring, embossing, debossing, cut-out, and foil stamping options for an infinite combination of features.


Perfect for your brand and the environment.

The Gizmo Box can be personalized to match any brand identity, all while upholding the highest levels of quality and environmental responsibility. Its design exists as the perfect format for single-use or sample beauty products or gift sets, seamlessly fitting together without the use of any plastics. Monodoses and Samples are an important part of the cosmetics industry, but they are also a terrible problem for the environment; our Gizmo Set aims to give companies a sustainable solution that doesn’t skimp on beauty, design, quality, or creativity. Single-use plastics end up on the ocean floor, and the Gizmo set is part of the solution.

Molded Fiber

A technical achievement

The challenges of manufacturing this product are many. First, precise tooling and slurry mixing require a specific development of the feel, consistency, and structural integrity of the product. These components comprise multiple layers of molded fiber, creating the primary packaging and its interior trays. To attain its high level of quality, the primary packaging layers must be thicker and have the ability to utilize different finishes, while the interior layers must have an exact fit to each component, creating a monolithic structure in one tiny, unique, and stunning package.



The Gizmo Box is completely sustainable, created from molded fiber through an environmentally responsible production process. Our molded fiber manufacturing established a 100% water-recycled process, as well as using renewable energies such as solar and wind . It has a net-zero carbon footprint, and since it takes the form of both primary and interior packaging, this would help reduce the impact of single-use plastics in the beauty industry. Samples and vibrant, accurate colors are made via a closed-loop, sustainable dying process, and our Soy Ink printing produces the highest quality packaging while keeping harmful chemicals out of the environment.