ACER | Luxury Design

The all-new luxury-designed Acer Book RS exists at the nexus between sleek, striking design and optimized functionality.

Advanced engineering and computing power come together with uncompromising beauty to form the ultimate creative tool — and such an astounding product deserved equally stunning and meticulously designed packaging.

Exploded View

1. Paper Tray (notebook)

2. Paper Lids (Mouse, adapter, cords)

3. Paper Manual Box

4. Paper Tray (ACC bag)

5. Clamshell box

The packaging is made with our high-end black art paper in a rigid box style, finished with a soft-touch coating that prohibits fingerprints when handled. A collection of fitted trays neatly house the notebook and peripherals, all nestling perfectly into the clamshell box packaging. Embedded magnets lock the packaging in place, and non-woven cloth and padding keep this Acer Book RS padded and protected within the packaging.


Design with purpose.

Following the client's philosophy of optimizing function, every feature of this Acer Book RS serves a purpose. We upheld that same standard when designing the device’s packaging, turning only to the highest-end packaging materials and luxurious finishes. The packaging is black-on-black, giving it a striking footprint. For the logo to stand out on the packaging, we applied a UV garnish that adds a reflective quality and makes the wording pop.


Design with us

"No detail was overlooked in the design of this notebook, and we applied the same philosophy when designing the luxurious packaging for this product. We always strive for the best, most beautiful packaging possible at Golden Arrow, and the Porsche Design Acer Book RS packaging is no exception. We couldn’t be more proud of the work that went into this packaging design.”

Jack Kuo , GA Group President