Eco-friendly from the start.

Being a leader in green, pioneering technologies began with one great idea: Reducing the impact on our environment must start with a commitment to clean, responsible industrial practices. As such, Golden Arrow is committed to sustainability and innovation in providing clients with total packaging solutions.

Every day, around 8 million pieces of plastic make their way into our oceans.

Help us change the face of packaging for a better, more sustainable future. Our printing services are a trusted alternative to traditional, environmentally-damaging printing methods. We utilize only clean and sustainable printing methods, including thermo-transfer printing, eco-inks and recycled paper products to create cutting-edge and attractive printed packaging.

We don't just say we're sustainable, we back it up.

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have been supplied by Golden Arrow from 2015-20, all using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.



have been avoided by Golden Arrow's sustainable packaging. That's equal to 600 million plastic water bottles.



have been recycled from our molded fiber production. That's equal to 130 olympic pools.


kilograms of co2

have been reduced from our carbon footprint and kept out of the air, equal to more than 9,000 cars driving for a year.


Total Trees saved (vs. paper)

by our molded fiber material and production technology. That is almost 10 Golded Gate Parks.



have been produced on-site using solar and renewable energy, enough to supply more than 8,000 home's annual power.

Green Factories

Packaging Design

Solar Power

We harness the power of the sun’s rays to power much of our manufacturing facilities.
Packaging Design

100% Water Recycling

The water used during our manufacturing process is 100% recycled and reused, safe enough for fish to live in.
Packaging Design

Waste Recycling

We recycle nearly every bit of waste we produce to further reduce our impact on the environment.
Packaging Design

Steam Energy

In place of electricity, we use steam energy to power much of our factory processes.
Packaging Design

convection cooling

Convection cooling is not only safe for the environment, it creates a seamless solution.
Packaging Design

Natural lighting

We do our best to utilize the natural light by the sun instead of electricity-produced light in our facilities.

Our unique Molded Fiber leads the industry in its final quality & sustainable manufacturing processes.

We provide premium molded fiber packaging solutions that are 100% biodegradable and durable. The quality of our sustainable packaging is in the details from environmentally-safe plant fibers to net-zero carbon manufacturing. We develop flexible designed packaging options unlike others.

Green Certifications

Idea Alliance China—G7 Certification

Idea Alliance China—G7 Certification

The Golden Arrow automated and computerized assembly systems are designed to create detailed, precise packaging.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

The EMS standard is a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of an organization’s products, services, and processes.

Soy Ink Certification

Eco-friendly ink printer license

ASTM D6868

Compostability certification

100% Clean Energy

All GA Factories will be run by sustainable energy through the use of solar panels and wind turbines.

Total water reuse

GA has been certified by the China government for recycling and reusing 100% of their water.

West Michigan University Certified

Our Molded Fiber, from premium to colored, has been certified to be recyclable by WMU.

Tested by Centre Technique du Papier

This testing certification shows the quality and consistency of our packaging capabilities.


A global standard for Quality Management Systems, ensuring consistent customer and regulatory requirements for delivery.


This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a healthy and fair work environment.


Golden Arrow takes pride in its commitment to eliminating hazardous substance specifications.


This certification indicates that our products provide food quality, safety, and responsibility.


Golden Arrow is a Business Social Compliance Initiative member that monitors and assesses workplace standards across the global supply chain.


Established by Social Accountability International, this standard ensures fair treatment of workers and upholds high social standards.