Luxury + Beauty Packaging

Golden Arrow is the #1 molded fiber company in the world, and we were the first to introduce molded fiber packaging to the luxury and high-end cosmetic and electronic markets. We are also an industry leader in hybrid molded fiber + rigid box packaging, serving some of the biggest global household names in high-end electronics and consumer goods.

Make a Statement

Not only are our products good for the earth — they make a statement on store shelves. Our talented team of designers located at our California Headquarters produces gorgeous, state-of-the-art, and environmentally friendly packaging solutions at the forefront of design innovation.


Achieve brilliance with Color Molded Fiber.

Standing out on shelves with environmentally friendly packaging is no longer impossible. Color-matched molded fiber that compliments both your product and brand image is here! You can pick your Pantone, our lab will tune the color and develop the molded fiber slurry and prototype for your approval. This means that sustainable packaging doesn't need to be the color of cardboard or white with printed graphics. In addition, our team developed a closed-loop water recycling method for printing that can remove any dye or contaminants from our wastewater while keeping it out of Earth’s oceans and rivers.

Customized perfection

Our Color Molded Fiber is industry-leading in its quality, precision, consistency, and sustainability. We are able to obtain a Smooth Color Material Finish while matching to multiple colors with a Delta E of 2 or less! There is no color transfer, and it is certified to have UV Light Fastness and RCA Abrasion Fastness.

Our proprietary technology allows us to adjust and control color uniformity from various aspects such as slurry, formula, mold, etc., to maintain a consistent quality standard for colored pulp performance. It stands out with 5 key factors:

  • People Know-How: Color-Mixing Experience

  • Manufacturing Know-How: Fiber / Slurry Control / Tooling Design

  • Data-Driven Color Monitoring

  • Non-abrasive eco-friendly Coating

  • Recyclability & Compostability


Molded Fiber Primary Packaging

By using our molded fiber packaging, made of renewable bamboo and sugar cane fibers, your product becomes part of the solution to surmounting packaging waste. Our molded fiber is entirely compostable and recyclable, and produced through a zero-emission production process. From Premium to Kraft to Colored, be on the cutting edge of sustainability by creating unique, exquisite primary packaging from molded fiber.

Molded Fiber Packaging


We strive to be environmentally conscious in all of our operations. Our three zero-emission factories in the Shanghai China area use solar power, convection cooling, steam energy, natural lighting, and wind tunnels. We also uphold a zero-waste production process by recycling 100% of our water. Along with our environmental certifications, Golden Arrow is proud to own over 100 patents globally, related to innovation and sustainability.


Bask in luxury with our Rigid Box + Molded Fiber solutions.

Made from FSC-certified paper and/or Post Consumer Recycled paper, the premium feel of a rigid box perfectly complements the sustainability of a molded fiber tray while supporting your 100% recyclable packaging goals. This hybrid of sustainable materials means that your packaging, and your customer’s unboxing experience, is only limited to your imagination.

Rigid Box Solutions

Ready to start?

The Acer ConceptD packaging is a testament to our luxurious packaging solutions. At Golden Arrow, our products rival and outmatch the durability, aesthetics, and feel of plastic competitors without using the harmful materials that last lifetimes in our landfills and oceans.