Golden Arrow: A Deep Dive Into Sustainable Beauty
06 Dec

A Deep Dive into Sustainable Beauty

Sustainable beauty products are making an impact on the future of the planet. “The global beauty and personal care industry is expected to grow by nearly 6% annually through 2026,” according to a report by THG Ingenuity. With more beauty and personal care brands shifting toward sustainable production, they will help in reducing the usage of chemicals and harm to the environment while fostering high-quality, natural, and raw-ingredient products.

So, What Exactly is Sustainable Beauty?

Sustainable beauty simply means that beauty and personal care products are made safe for people and the planet. Many beauty and cosmetics companies are increasing their eco-friendly products and embracing innovation to expand their sustainability efforts outside the consumer market.

Sustainable beauty products are non-toxic, reusable, and organic, which do not cause harm to the skin or environment like synthetic chemicals. Furthermore, by choosing brands that positively affect the earth, shoppers can lessen their individual carbon footprint while backing organizations aligned with their values.

An example of a beauty brand that is putting the earth first is MOB Beauty. The company made it their mission to do beauty better by putting the planet first. Their high standard of clean makeup consists of sustainable, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced, vegan, refillable formulations that do not compromise performance. MOB focuses on reducing waste and using single-use plastics in the cosmetics industry. With the help of their endlessly reusable and refillable products, MOB reduces consumption rates while allowing their customers to personalize their makeup palettes.

Why Do We Need Sustainable Beauty?

Besides environmental issues, over time consumers developed an increased desire for beauty products that help the environment. When cosmetics lovers see the phrase "going green" or "green cosmetics," it gains the respect of the brand and instills positive thoughts in the minds of customers.

Contamination by plastic holders and bundling is known to impact beauty products. Plastic waste can be found in different structures, including variety and shadow ranges, moisturizer containers and repositories, serums, shampoos, conditioners, or cylinders for magnificence items like mascaras, liquid eyeliners, and lip sparkles.

Sustainable Beauty Packaging

It is just as important to look for sustainable beauty packaging as it is to look for clean ingredients. The greenest type of packaging is zero waste. According to Sustainable Jungle, zero waste means the product is "sending nothing to the landfill. Zip. Zilch. Zero." The goal of zero waste is to redesign the way products are reused by avoiding trash in landfills.

The future entails zero-waste packaging as eco-friendly products come into bloom. Zero-waste packaging includes reusable glass jars, compostable cardboard, and bamboo toothbrushes. Removing synthetic chemicals in the product and packaging can go a long way in localizing supply chains and utilizing renewable substrate materials.

Numerous brands utilize sustainable beauty bundling to stand out from the crowd and on the store shelves, drawing in regular shoppers for their lovely packaging and earth-cognizant groups for their appreciation for economical brands. When done accurately, sustainable beauty is an interest in any brand's eco-conscious business achievements.

At Golden Arrow, we are proud to be leaders in crafting luxurious, uncompromising sustainable packaging that helps make the world environmentally friendly. Our packaging solutions are made from environmentally friendly materials and are meticulously designed to stand out from the crowd with stunning visual finishes and tactile features. Get in contact with us today to learn more!

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