Keeping it clean.

quip’s original packaging supply chain and production processes were sourced through multiple vendors and struggled with quality, communication, and logistics.

What's Inside

1. Molded Fiber Tray

2. Paper Tube

3. Smooth contours

4. eco printing

5. Injection-molded end caps

The paper tube surrounds a smooth, oblong cylinder shape creating a unique footprint for a unique brand. All about keeping it clean, quip's design style doesn't disappoint. The gorgeous graphics were printed using our eco-friendly ink jet printing, and the paper tube is made from recycled carboard and then retooled, with artwork applied directly to the tube. The plastic endcaps are injection-molded and then formed through tooling, and offer a range of colors that light up in-store displays.

The total packaging solution

Through integrated supply chain and supplier quality management, Golden Arrowed offered a total packaging solution that streamlined development and provided superior quality. Consolidating quip’s package manufacturing, printing, and production allowed us to provide consistently high quality and logistical support. At the same time, our production processes and materials provide a more sustainable solution, from the factory to the final product.



homes powered

360 homes can be powered for one year with the energy saved from this product's manufacturing processes.


years of CO2

67 years of CO2 produced from driving a car were saved by reducing 317,178 kg of the carbon footprint.


trees saved

1,200 trees were saved by choosing bamboo & sugarcane packaging materials for the molded fiber portion.


tubs of water recycled

Over 22,000 bathtubs worth of water, or 1.1 million gallons, were recycled from production.