Founded in 1984, Golden Arrow Group specializes in the sustainable packaging, premium printing, design, and professional manufacturing of various premium, upmarket, and innovative products. Golden Arrow anchors its hiring upon the importance of ability, emphasizing a shared value and belief in sustainability and a strong work ethic. Golden Arrow's implementation of a personalized and standardized management system provides our employees with a comfortable work environment, including comprehensive career planning, a competitive salary and benefits policy, and the establishment of a standardized hiring policy.

The policy is as follows:

1.      The hiring of employees shall be conducted according to the principles of openness and fairness, and no decision to hire shall be made on the basis of nepotism.

2.      Recruitment channels:

a. For all desired positions, employees are selected through equal and open recruitment. Depending on the company's varying needs, the following recruitment channels apply: 

*  Internal hire: internal promotion or transfer; internal company employee recommendation.

*  External hire: online recruitment; special performance recruitment; introduction by a professional intermediary.

b. The hiring process shall be devoid of any discriminatory practices such as decisions based on gender, age, civil status, family situation, or disability record. All applicant personal information shall be kept strictly confidential.


Green Partner Packaging Logo

The Golden Arrow Green Partner program was developed to highlight and promote the sustainability efforts of our clients—those who share our mission to reduce waste and clean up the packaging industry. Products that are part of the Golden Arrow Green Partner program gain our sustainability credentials, demonstrating their commitment to a better future for all.

GA Green Partner Certifications




IdeaAlliance China—G7 Certification

Program evaluates the ability of software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 grayscale definition. This is more sustainable because less paper is wasted on testing to color match.

Soy Ink Certification

Soy Ink Certification

Eco-friendly ink printer license



FSC (FSC Mix Paper C084763)

Forest stewardship council—FSC Paper Buyer.


100% Green Energy

100% Clean Energy (July 2019)

All GA Factories will be run by sustainable energy through the use of solar panels and wind turbines.


ISO 14001

Environment Management System (EMS) standard is a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of an organization’s products, services, and processes.



Zero waste to landfills.


ASTM D6400 (currently renewing)

Compostability certification



Zero Emission

GA has been certified by the China government for recycling and reusing 100% of their water.