molded fiber pulp
11 Jun

What is Molded Fiber Pulp?

Molded fiber pulp is a biodegradable raw material that is renewable and usually wood-based. In many cases, fiber pulp is used to manufacture paper, molded fiber packaging, tissue, board, and specialty paper. 

A molded fiber pulp packaging is very versatile and can be used not only for luxury products but as a protective covering for consumables such as food, trays, plates, bowls, and so much more. It is imperative to use renewable packaging materials for single consumption products such as food. Molded fiber packaging, since it can be reused and biodegrades, has been called a sustainable packaging material by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

With the technological improvements of molded fiber and pulp manufacturing, final products are an elegant sophistication that adds another layer of intrigue to the unboxing experience. Molded fiber packaging is now used for everything from basic egg cartons to luxury packaging for high-end brands. As society focuses more on protecting the environment, molded fiber packaging is gaining popularity for its attractive quality of being a truly sustainable option.

Four Types of Molded Fiber

Four types of molded fiber exist for creating products: thick-walled, transfer molded, thermoformed, and processed.


Manufactured from a single mold, thick-walled molded fiber packaging usually has a wall thickness of 3/16 to 3/8 inches. It’s common for one side to be relatively smooth while the other is rougher. The thick-walled molded fiber option is generally used to protect heavier items such as furniture, vehicle parts, and plant pots since its sturdier sides provide better structure and extra support to heavier items.

Transfer Molded

Created from one forming and one transfer mold, a transfer molded fiber packaging has a wall thickness of 1/8 to 3/16 inches. Once again, this molding is fairly smooth on one side, and it is often used for egg cartons and trays. Newer designs use the transfer molded packaging for electronics, hospital disposables, office equipment, and appliances.

Thermoformed (Thin-Walled)

Built through the use of multiple heated molds, the thermoformed molded fiber packaging has a wall thickness of 3/32 to 5/32 inches. These very thin molded fiber products have smooth surfaces with lots of details and minimal draft angles. While thin, the walls are very dense and can appear to be plastic while having greater strength properties. Thermoformed packaging, the newest form of molded fiber packaging, is perfect for point-of-purchase, offering high definition and an elegant appearance.


Produced with secondary processing in addition to the basic production, processed molded fiber packaging provides a custom packaging option for all types of companies and industries. These secondary processes could include die-cut, perforation, printing, coloring, special molding, embossing, special design features, or other additives. The processed molded fiber packaging can be used for any product to match the company’s needs.

Molded fiber pulp packaging is the economic solution for excellent performance while protecting the environment and the product. Molded fiber provides a packaging option that is strong, pliable, water-resistant, and electrically neutral. Economically, molded fiber is an inexpensive raw material with affordable development costs due to being formed to shape and designed to nest. When it comes to production, molded fiber is 100% raw material with a chemical-free process and no wastewater.
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