Golden Arrow’s MOB Beauty New Purpose Collection Nominated for “Make-up” Category in Formes de Luxe 2022 Awards
05 Oct

Golden Arrow’s MOB Beauty New Purpose Collection Nominated for “Make-up” Category in Formes de Luxe 2022 Awards

Golden Arrow is honored to be nominated for this year’s Luxepack Monaco / Formes de Luxe Award Category “Make-up” for the MOB Beauty NewPurpose Collection. The Formes de Luxe Awards ceremony celebrates the luxury packaging industry’s top innovations yearly at the renowned Luxepack Monaco trade show for creative packaging. In partnership with MOB Beauty, Golden Arrow is honored to showcase the NewPurpose Collection. This new collection consists of refillable, compostable lipstick and compact, showcasing how sustainability and luxury can exist cohesively.

Innovative Features of the Packaging

1. Plant-Based and 100% Plastic-free

This innovative beauty packaging features, in collaboration with Montrose-Haeuser, 100% PCR cardboard coated in VerdeCoat, a protective spray used in the food industry for added durability and water resistance, and a plant-based bioplastic called Flaxstic.

This leading sustainable packaging solution avoids the use of any plastics, especially critical in the consumer-conscious e-commerce category.

2. Compostable and Sleek Design

On top of responsible use of materials, the MOB Beauty NewPurpose collection boasts a better-for-the-future outer packaging design. Precision printing, coloring, embossing, hot transfer film, 3D contouring, and stamping contribute to a luxurious, personalized, high-quality color and feel, unlike any other molded fiber alternative.

“The thing about compostable packaging is there are alternate ways to deal with it,” says the MOB Beauty CEO Victor Casale. “Even if you throw it in the garbage, it’s not going to last for 100 years. The Compact will compost within three months. The lipstick tube may compost within a year, but it’s going to compost and turn into dirt. The material is on average 50% lighter than traditional packaging, and the Verdecoat technology helps protect it from humidity.” Our replenishable packaging solution allows for infinitely tailored and purposeful material choices to fit individual needs. With the custom fiber-forming press machines, our packaging undergoes a single layer-forming process to allow for a sleek, fully recyclable design that meets Lomi Approved Standard compostability.

3. Color Molded Fiber Customizability

The MOB Beauty NewPurpose collection features our exquisite, color-molded fiber packaging composed of natural bamboo and bagasse for refillable lip capsules and compacts.

To achieve a personalized color, we create accurate colors via a closed-loop, sustainable dying process that lets us reach any brand’s color with a Delta E of 2 or less in a series of proprietary dying and slurry mixing processes.

Meanwhile, our Soy Ink printing technology produces the highest levels of color and detail and is eco-friendly.

Attaining Sustainability and Quality

Sustainability and luxury should not be mutually exclusive, and that’s why our MOB Beauty NewPurpose collection requires a high level of product development to achieve its sleek and eco-friendly appeal.

To attain its high quality, the primary packaging layers must be thicker and have the ability to utilize different finishes, while the interior layers must have an exact fit to each component, creating a monolithic structure in one tiny, unique, and stunning package. With precise treatment in the manufacturing, forming, molding, and drying stages, our MOB Beauty NewPurpose collection achieves a flexible surface with the right feel, consistency, and structural integrity required of the product.

Sampling is an important part of the cosmetics industry, but it is also a terrible environmental problem. Our MOB Beauty NewPurpose collection aims to give companies a reusable, recyclable, and sustainable solution that doesn’t skimp on beauty, design, quality, or creativity.

Sustainability and driving innovation is our mission, and we’re honored to be among the nominees this year. See more of our product at