Cover Picture of the 2020 Golden Arrow Sustainability Report
11 May

Golden Arrow Shares Successful Corporate Social Responsibility in the 2020 Report

Golden Arrow is proud to release their Social Responsibility Report (CSR) for 2020 that reflects their initiatives, including diversity and integration, education and training, community relations, ethics and regulations, environmental health, safety, and sustainability.

Golden Arrow’s environmental commitment anchors every decision they make. In 2020, they saw 3,240 tons of plastic packaging kept out of our oceans, and 640,000 trees were saved due to their paper-plastic fiber materials and technology. They removed 16.3 tons of carbon dioxide from their potential carbon footprint, and they generated 1 million kWh of electricity from their renewable manufacturing processes — enough to completely power Golden Arrow headquarters. From their paper and plastic production, they recycled 78,768 tons of water. 222 million molded fiber packages, created from their renewable, sustainable materials, replaced plastic or other nonrenewable materials.

The Golden Arrow Kunshan Factory obtained the UL’s highest platinum certification for their waste management protocols, meaning that Golden Arrow has met zero-waste landfill standards in waste reduction, recycling, and energy use to avoid the waste of heat energy. Between 2019 and 2020, they saw a 7% decrease in solid waste output as well as a 33% decrease in hazardous waste-to-output ratio.

They continue to uphold their mission of providing customers with green packaging products while prioritizing an environmentally conscious manufacturing system and a high level of ethical practices for employee care. Golden Arrow consists of 3,000 employees across China, Taiwan, Europe, the United States, and Vietnam. 

At the start of the pandemic, they promptly detected potential risks to their Chinese facilities and took precautions to establish an epidemic prevention plan and purchase a large amount of prevention materials. These safety and sanitation protocols continue to be maintained. Moreover, they encourage and require occupational health and safety training, environmental safety training, and emergency rescue plans for many of our employees. They are pleased to share that 65% of our employees have taken business ethics training, and they’ve had zero litigation cases between the company and employees.

Every year, they partner with the community. In 2020, Golden Arrow joined the Learning to Use Alliance to help promote students’ early learning through the industry-university organizations, hosted many blood donation events, and facilitated another successful Crayon Initiative to recycle old crayons for pediatric patients. They know a huge part of our success comes from their work with our employees and the community.

In 2019, Golden Arrow Printing Technology completed the FSC certification and completed the annual review in 2020. In 2020, the company mainly used the raw material FSC, which accounted for 70-80% of their materials. All raw materials are compliant with MSDS/TDS, ROHS2.0+ halogen, and all of their suppliers must comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct Evaluation to ensure that Golden Arrow continues to meet their goals of sustainability.

From packaging concepts to the unboxing experience, they uphold the highest standards for supply chain management, employee care, ecological maintenance, energy-saving initiatives, and carbon reduction measures, resulting in socially and environmentally responsible practices on par with their products. Our Corporate Social Responsibility report continues to show that.

Since 1984, Golden Arrow has been leading the industry in sustainable packaging and printing through innovative design and environmentally friendly production. With a zero-waste mission in mind, Golden Arrow seeks to lessen their environmental footprint at every stage of production. Through the China Clean Energy Fund, as well as their own factories, Golden Arrow has committed to 100% clean energy in all its production and manufacturing. Golden Arrow and its customers continue to lead the way with sustainable packaging solutions.

“Green packaging is not a fad — it’s the future of the packaging industry, and at Golden Arrow, we are playing a leading role in making that future a reality,” says Jack Kuo and Jerry Huang, Presidents of Golden Arrow.


Download the Full Report Here.

Marcia Golden