Golden Arrow is Nominated for the Formes de Luxe 2022 “Fragrances & Cosmetics Coffret” Category
04 Oct

Golden Arrow is Nominated for the Formes de Luxe 2022 “Fragrances & Cosmetics Coffret” Category

Golden Arrow is honored to be nominated for this year’s Luxepack Monaco / Formes de Luxe Award Category “Fragrances & Cosmetics Coffret” for the Fresh Holiday Set.

The Formes de Luxe Awards ceremony celebrates the luxury packaging industry’s top innovations each year at the renowned Luxepack Monaco trade show for creative packaging.

In partnership with Fresh, Golden Arrow is honored to showcase the Fresh Holiday Set. This sustainable holiday packaging beautifully reveals how sustainability and luxury go hand-in-hand.

Highlighted as one of the best skin-care sets for holiday gifts in 2021, the Fresh Holiday Set creates a truly innovative packaging experience for customers as they unbox in front of their loved ones.

Innovative Packaging Features for Cosmetics and Fragrances

Luxury and sustainability co-exist with the Fresh Holiday Set, where sustainable materials and manufacturing practices uphold the highest standards for our earth while prioritizing the luxurious look and feel of gorgeous design required by consumers and brands alike.

The Fresh Holiday Set unboxes a brilliant, colored example of our industry-leading Premium Wet-Press Molded Fiber, composed of bamboo and wood pulp. The Premium Molded Fiber trays provide an accurate and snug fit that safeguards the product from shifting, shaking, or damaging while shipping. Our Color Molded Fiber uses a proprietary dying and slurry mixing process that lets us reach any brand’s color with a Delta E of less than 4.

The Fresh Holiday Set is completely plastic-free, making it recyclable and eco-friendly, and its exacting closure creates a perfectly snug fit between the lid and base, meeting our premium and industry-leading standards.

Sustainability and driving innovation is our mission, and we’re honored to be among the nominees, such as the Cosfibel group and Diesel, and AUTAJON and Bulgair, this year. See more of our product at