Lancome Ecommerce Box
24 Oct

Golden Arrow Accepts Formes de Luxe 2021 Jury Prize for Lancôme Coffrets Cadaeau E-commerce Box

California, October 21, 2021  - Golden Arrow is honored to accept the Formes de Luxe Award Jury Prize for the Lancôme Coffrets Cadaeau E-commerce Box. Every year the Formes de Luxe Awards ceremony celebrates the luxury packaging industry’s top innovations of the year. 

Golden Arrow, in partnership with Lancôme, submitted an entry of the Lancôme Coffrets Cadaeau E-commerce Box that beautifully reveals how eco-friendliness and luxury can co-exist. The Lancôme Coffrets Cadaeau E-commerce Box creates a truly innovative packaging experience.

The Lancôme Box is the tallest premium wet-press molded fiber box available on the market, and through our innovative design and advanced manufacturing processes, it maintains its stability and structural integrity. Historically, wet-press molded fiber cannot exceed a certain size without compromising its structural integrity, but Golden Arrow has overcome this with our premium wet-press molded fiber. The Lancôme Box is made from bamboo, bagasse, and wood chip molded fiber that can be custom colored with our renewable processes, achieving a Delta E of 2 or less. 

“Particularly innovative, it represents a technical manufacturing challenge and perfectly translates the brand DNA.” Alissa Demorest, Editorial Director, Formes de Luxe and Luxe Packaging Insight, said.

The Formes de Luxe Award Jury Prize represents the spirit and mission of everything we do at Golden Arrow in order to propel forward a green and more sustainable world. The receipt of the Formes de Luxe Award confirms that we are on track to create truly sustainable and luxurious products for companies across the globe.

With the rise of E-Commerce, this type of solution is sorely needed in the industry to help reduce the negative impact on the environment of packaging from online orders. The size, attractiveness, and eco-friendliness of the Lancôme Box are a stunning example of how we don’t need to sacrifice quality or beauty for sustainability.

Since 1984, Golden Arrow has been leading the industry in sustainable packaging and printing through innovative design and environmentally-friendly production. With a zero-waste mission in mind, Golden Arrow seeks to lessen its environmental footprint at every stage of production. Golden Arrow and its customers continue to lead the way with sustainable packaging solutions.

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