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07 Mar

Circular Beauty Paves the Way for Zero Waste Cosmetics

Your food is the future of beauty and sustainability. Yes, you heard that correctly. Upcycling processes, such as repurposing food waste, can significantly reduce carbon emissions and packaging waste.  This is an example of the practice of circular beauty, the next big thing in optimizing sustainable beauty. 

According to Fact.MR, a marketing research firm, the circular beauty industry is projected to experience a worldwide sales growth of nearly 6% from 2022 to 2032. With participation from some of the biggest beauty brands, circular beauty is on the rise, trending towards becoming the norm.

What is Circular Beauty? 

It is no secret that the beauty industry leads in plastic waste each year. Circular beauty aims to reduce packaging waste and use valuable resources diligently.

Circular beauty is a concept that embraces sustainability and environmental consciousness within the beauty industry. It revolves around creating products and practices that minimize waste, reduce carbon footprint, and prioritize renewable resources. In essence, it's about reimagining beauty in a holistic way that considers the entire lifecycle of a product, from sourcing raw materials to disposal or recycling.

Key Strategies to Implement Circular Beauty

  1. Utilize natural, responsibly sourced ingredients. These ingredients should have minimal impact on the environment or your carbon footprint.  
  2. Upcycle Ingredients. Haus Von Eden shares, “Upcycling processes convert by-products or production waste into new materials or products.” An example of this is the processing and repurposing of discarded food. 
  3. Keep resources used for as long as possible through reuse, recycling, and regenerating. To benefit the ecosystem, recycling must be done correctly and effectively. 
  4. Optimize packaging by encouraging refills and using biodegradable options. Refilling a product into its original packaging requires less energy than the initial packaging production. Packaging in the beauty industry is currently responsible for the leading cause of carbon emissions

How Brands and Consumers Can Embrace Circular Beauty

Circular beauty encourages transparency and accountability within the industry, urging brands to disclose their sourcing methods, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact assessments. It also fosters community and collaboration as brands, consumers, and other stakeholders work together to create a more sustainable future for the beauty industry. 

This approach to sustainability encourages brands to think outside the box and channel their creativity. Introducing innovative and exciting ideas allows for greater variety in the packaging and beauty industries! According to Cosmetics Design Europe, introducing new packaging to consumers influences them to adopt “new consumption habits.” This approach also encourages consumers to make more sustainable choices in their beauty routines, impacting their overall health and well-being. 

Ultimately, circular beauty represents a shift towards a more mindful and responsible approach to beauty that celebrates aesthetic appeal and environmental stewardship.

How Golden Arrow Embraces Circular Beauty

  • - Our green factories harness the power of the sun to fuel many of our manufacturing facilities.
  • - We have been certified by the Chinese government for recycling and reusing 100% of our water.
  • - We boast many sustainability-focused certifications, including the 100% clean energy certification, ASTM International ASTM D6868 certification, and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 certification, among others.

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