Business man on a bike
28 Jun

Benefits of Making Bike-To-Work Day Every Day

Do you own a bike, but don’t ride it much? Biking doesn’t make sense for everyone, but Bike-to-Work Day and every day after that leaves many reasons to consider why you could benefit from biking to work every day! For some, safety is a concern, but good news is that more communities and streets are adding bike lanes to ensure safety for those who ride their bikes on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of biking to work.

5 Benefits of Biking to Work

Improve Physical Fitness

When biking, you get in an aerobic workout before and after work. According to Momentum Mag, a daily bike ride can increase your confidence, better sleep, enhance muscle tone, and improve cardiovascular health. But, best of all, it helps activate your brain for more powerful work performance.

Save Money

Biking to work saves fuel costs, by putting more money back in your pocket. With a bike, there’s no worry about heading over to a gas station to refill your tank. You are the motor and fuel when riding a bike.

Prolong Vehicle Life Span

Cars are one of the biggest costs for many people and the longer your car lasts the better for your wallet and your life. The average lifespan of a car can make or break the return you get on your investment. As reported in Cascade Collision Repair, you can expect a car to last around 12 years with about 200,000 miles. You want to make sure the money put into your vehicle is worth it.

Increasing your bike habits can help you prevent daily wear and tear on your vehicle. So, when deciding to bike to work, it can help you make better purchases in the future and improve your car’s lifespan.

Get in Touch with Nature

Being inside an office all day doesn’t always allow you to take advantage of the outdoors. Strolling past trees, flowers, and surrounding nature on your bike not only increases your physical wellbeing, but your emotional wellbeing too. Research shows that environments can reduce stress and impact our bodies. Moreover, bikes don't run on fossil fuels, so they don't emit carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Bikes are eco-friendly and help our environment by reducing global fuel consumption.

Save Time

Getting in your car just to sit in Friday morning traffic is unpleasant, whereas taking your bike means passing through traffic and getting to work in a timely manner. Bikes are also a perfect solo activity if you are someone who doesn't enjoy waiting for an often overcrowded public transport system like a bus or train.

If biking to work sounds like a beneficial activity to you, let the world know! Staying informed on the importance of biking in general will help if the time comes to make a mobility change.

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