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03 Feb

8 Ways Businesses Can Save Energy

Businesses can help the environment by finding ways to save energy. Not only is conserving energy better for the environment, but it also lessens operating costs. Using electricity, water, and gas are necessary for your business, but there are simple ways that your business can reduce energy use and cost.

To get started on cutting back on business energy use, check out the following tips.

Schedule an Energy Audit

While audits have negative associations, an energy audit can benefit your business as it will reveal the business usage. An audit could also highlight areas to cut back cost. In fact, you may learn how to increase energy efficiency as well.

Turn It Off

Power off electric devices when they’re not in use, whether overnight, over the weekend, or during a lunch break. Monitors, printers, computers, and other equipment continue to use energy when on. Sleep mode decreases energy use as well. Don’t forget to turn off the equipment in the breakroom, including microwaves, TVs, and coffeemakers.
Pro Tip: Plug breakroom equipment into a power strip so they can all be powered off easily.

Use Natural Light

If possible, take advantage of the natural day time hours by opening the blinds and curtains to light the office and workspace. Some parts of your office may not need overhead lighting while other spaces require it. When choosing an office space, look for a building with large windows or skylights to optimize those daylight hours and lessen energy dependency.

Replace Lightbulbs

Choosing energy-efficient bulbs to light your office can save a business hundreds to thousands of dollars or more every year. The long life of energy-efficient lightbulbs makes them even better solutions for the long term too. LED light bulbs use 75% less energy and last 50 times longer than the incandescent bulb.

Install Motion Sensors

It’s easy to forget to switch lights off. But motion sensors are ideal for less-used spaces such as bathrooms, hallways, and conference rooms. Automatic dimmers can also adjust the lighting for bright days or cloudy days based on the light coming through the windows. This ensures that no energy is wasted.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Since your business may not have people on the premises during the weekend, most evenings, and holidays, a programmable thermostat ensures that the temperature is adjusted during those times. This automation not only conserves energy but cuts costs too. It will automatically adjust the temperature while no one is working, and then bring it to a comfortable temperature during work hours.

Fix Drafts and Leaking Faucets

When you notice an air draft coming from a window or a leaking faucet in the breakroom, these should be fixed immediately. Though small, each can add up to a waste of energy and higher bills. Also, check the window treatments to be sure that your windows are best equipped to a moderate temperature within the building.

Consider Renewable Energy

Another way to help the environment and reduce harmful emissions is to use cleaner energies such as solar or wind. These can also slowly help to lower business costs. While this might not be an option for every business, it’s definitely worth considering.
One of the best ways to encourage energy efficiency throughout your workplace is to foster staff involvement. Although this can be difficult, it will have the largest payoff for helping the environment, staying on top of business energy saving, and reducing cost.

For Golden Arrow, business energy efficiency starts at home. While our products are environmentally-friendly in every way, we also believe in being good stewards of our factory processes and office spaces. If you’re looking for green and luxury packaging for your product, speak with an industry expert today by emailing