The total solution to sustainable packaging.

Since 2012, Golden Arrow has been creating molded pulp packaging solutions to service our industry-leading, high-tech clientele by providing them with strong, durable, and recyclable cushioning, outer packaging, and buffers for a wide variety of products.

By using renewable, sustainable natural fiber materials like bamboo and bagasse to create our molded pulp products, Golden Arrow produces more high quality complex structures than traditional pulp mixtures.


Our clients are our partners, and we work closely with them through every step of the process, creating dynamic custom designs and containers that are the perfect fit.



We have developed unique technologies and processes to create our 100% sustainable molded fiber, adaptable to any design our clients need.



Our facilities features some of the premier printing equipment found anywhere in the world. These technologically superior machines were chosen to produce the best quality products while reducing labor costs and print time, improving both efficiency and quality control.


Founded in 1984, Golden Arrow Group specializes in the sustainable packaging, premium printing, design, and professional manufacturing of various premium, upmarket, and innovative products. Golden Arrow anchors its hiring upon the importance of ability, emphasizing a shared value and belief in sustainability and a strong work ethic. Golden Arrow's implementation of a personalized and standardized management system provides our employees with a comfortable work environment, including comprehensive career planning, a competitive salary and benefits policy, and the establishment of a standardized hiring policy.

The policy is as follows:

1.      The hiring of employees shall be conducted according to the principles of openness and fairness, and no decision to hire shall be made on the basis of nepotism.

2.      Recruitment channels:

a. For all desired positions, employees are selected through equal and open recruitment. Depending on the company's varying needs, the following recruitment channels apply: 

*  Internal hire: internal promotion or transfer; internal company employee recommendation.

*  External hire: online recruitment; special performance recruitment; introduction by a professional intermediary.

b. The hiring process shall be devoid of any discriminatory practices such as decisions based on gender, age, civil status, family situation, or disability record. All applicant personal information shall be kept strictly confidential.



The Golden Arrow automated and computerized assembly systems are designed to create detailed, precision assembly, and our operations specifications and extensive educational training ensure that every product is assembled perfectly every time.



Our clients are our partners, and we work closely with them through every step of the process, creating dynamic custom designs and containers that are the perfect fit.


From Design → Production → Logistics

Golden Arrow provides total sustainable packaging solutions.

Our team of dedicated and innovative designers work with our clients to develop unique and aesthetically pleasing packaging for consumers. The next step is manufacturing a prototype and collecting sustainable materials for production. From there, we begin the manufacturing process – from pulp production, heat pressing, and die cutting for molded fiber packaging to printing and laminating, die cutting, and automated forming for rigid box production – and finish the job with kitting, assembly, and detailed quality inspections.