Printing & Packaging

Our facilities feature some of the premier environmentally-friendly printing equipment found anywhere in the world.

Environmentally-friendly Printing Equipment

Our Technology

Our technologically superior bespoke machines were designed and manufactured to produce the best quality products while reducing labor costs, print time, and improve both efficiency and quality control Our machines are constantly being upgraded and improved to incorporate the learnings – all while using environmentally safe materials.

Our Team

Our team of designers, manufacturing personnel, and quality control staff employ incredible attention to detail to ensure our clients receive everything they expected. Each GA employee is encouraged to embrace their curiosity. Every year GA holds a Technology Summit to showcase the latest and greatest innovations that our incredible R&D team develop through personal projects throughout the year.

Founded in 1984, Golden Arrow Group specializes in the sustainable packaging, premium printing, design, and professional manufacturing of various premium, upmarket, and innovative products. Golden Arrow anchors its hiring upon the importance of ability, emphasizing a shared value and belief in sustainability and a strong work ethic. Golden Arrow's implementation of a personalized and standardized management system provides our employees with a comfortable work environment, including comprehensive career planning, a competitive salary and benefits policy, and the establishment of a standardized hiring policy.

The policy is as follows:

1.      The hiring of employees shall be conducted according to the principles of openness and fairness, and no decision to hire shall be made on the basis of nepotism.

2.      Recruitment channels:

a. For all desired positions, employees are selected through equal and open recruitment. Depending on the company's varying needs, the following recruitment channels apply: 

*  Internal hire: internal promotion or transfer; internal company employee recommendation.

*  External hire: online recruitment; special performance recruitment; introduction by a professional intermediary.

b. The hiring process shall be devoid of any discriminatory practices such as decisions based on gender, age, civil status, family situation, or disability record. All applicant personal information shall be kept strictly confidential.


Package printing and pre-press management systems

Precision Printing

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of package printing, our pre-press management systems utilize cutting edge data analysis to maintain exceptional standards of printing excellence. Our printing equipment utilizes environmentally-safe materials including recycled paper products and environmentally-responsible soy and eco inks alongside Hi-Fi FM multi-color printing techniques to create final products which are stunning in color, clarity, consistency, and quality.

Packaging Color and Density Analyzer

Quality Control

Each stage of the manufacturing process is monitored by our extensive quality control team. Raw materials are qualified to make sure that the agreed upon specifications are met through a series of burst strength and various tensile tests. Throughout the printing process sheets are ran through a color and density analyzer. This information is immediately fed back to the prepress process in order to save calibration time and reduce paper waste. The automated rigid box forming machine is strategically designed to have a box randomly selected and taken to be measured with our precision CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) to guarantee accurate package dimensions.