Packaging is often overlooked during the unboxing experience but its impact is not lost. A package is meant to compliment a product. In this case, the package compliments the phone’s sleek and polished finish.

Green Partner

Switching to a fully sustainable packaging solution does not have to be daunting task. There are a number of environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic trays or pouches. This package highlights using both molded fiber and paperboard.

Google Pixel 3 Box Highlight

Fun & Sleek

This package is a combination of modern, smooth aesthetics with dashes of boldness and cleverness. The high-quality and sustainable printing brings out the colorful and strong imagery, while the clean lines and smooth texture allude to the advanced technological capabilities of the device. Once inside the outer case, users are treated to a unique, multifaceted unboxing experience, able to peel back layers and uncover compartments.


Opening a package is like opening a present; and the more presents you get, the better. Adding layered compartments for the device’s accouterments extends the unboxing experience and engages the user in the product. Here, it brightens the product's personality by adding doors and hidden areas for the user to explore, complementing the modern lines and clean styling perfectly.