The Idea

Golden Arrow has multiple R&D and ID teams continually innovating new machinery to support our out of the box ideas. This challenge put to our team was to create a high end package that also portrayed our sustainable initiatives.

The Winner

The idea that was settled on showcased our 100% water recycling initiatives through subtle wave textures on the outside of the package. The sharp edges demonstrate the tight tolerances we are able to achieve though our thermoforming and diecutting processes. The lid is secured tight through a friction fit finish so that the product is fully protected.

 •  Emboss / deboss
 •  Foil stamp
 •  Tight tolerances
 •  Printing
 •  Waist cut & punch cut
 •  Double-sided lamination

Molded Fiber Gift Box R&D Sample

The Final Product

There are so many different elements that go into any package design, and this gift box is no different. However, the goal is to hide the complexities so the user only sees a seamless, beautiful, quality finished product. From the concept sketch phase to the implementation of all the different molded fiber features, this elegant case effortlessly combines boldness and subtlety in it’s look, feel, function, and creation. 

Gift Box Package Closed


Here you can see a glimpse of the different concept designs that went into this gift box, including poker card case styles, perfume / fragrance designs, and consumer electronics trends. Our unique molded fiber and rigid boxes are capable of total flexibility in design: round and sharp edges; smooth and natural textures; emboss and deboss; colorful graphics and UV coatings; and even the shape can be uniform or asymmetrical.

Gift Box Packages Portfolio Images