Advantages of Molded Fiber Packaging
10 Jan

Five Advantages of Molded Fiber Packaging

Molded fiber packaging provides many advantages to businesses and consumers. These benefits start before the production line and end at recycling. Research on packaging types shows that molded fiber packaging helps businesses save money, time, and space without sacrificing durability or style.

While molded fiber packaging is known for protecting food and beverages, it can be used for a wide range of other items. If you are researching molded fiber packaging, consider the following advantages molded fiber has over other types of packaging:

1. Money Saving Packaging

Since the molded fiber packaging is created from byproducts or recycled materials, the financial savings begin right at the start of the packaging process. The mold for the packaging is designed specifically for the client’s product, so no extra assembly is required, which reduces labor costs. Molded fiber costs are cut even more since the production of molded fiber is not tied to the gasoline industry. Finally, due to the size and construction of the packaging, shipping costs go down because less space is required for shipping or storing. 

Every step in the production process is analyzed for cost efficiency. At Golden Arrow, we stay on top of the recent developments in the packaging industry to ensure that clients are also receiving the best options for efficiency and reduction of waste in their packaging.

2. Performance Quality of Molded Fiber

Due to the ingredients and design of molded fiber, this type of packaging is equipped to provide strong bracing and cushioning for the contents of every package. Molded fiber packaging is ready for use almost instantly after it is created. It is water resistant and unaffected by extreme temperatures. All of these elements lead to a product that brings high performance for the money. 

3. Storage of Molded Fiber

Another benefit of molded fiber packaging is its ability to be nested or stacked together. This saves space not only in warehouse storage but in shipping. Since molded fiber packaging nests together, it reduces the space needed for production and pallets. The nesting helps protect the packaging from damage during travel to its final destination. All of these together provide a solution that saves space as well as money.

4. Time Management of Packaging Solutions

Molded fiber packaging cuts down on time use by eliminating steps in the production process such as assembly. Since the packaging stacks so well, this makes moving the packaging much easier and faster. Because the fiber is shaped for maximum efficiency, it means that shipments can be bigger, resulting in less time needed to ship and more efficiency in the shipping process.

5. Sustainable and Green Packaging with Molded Fiber

Because molded fiber packaging is made through the use of recycled or waste byproducts, it reduces environmental waste. Since it’s biodegradable and compostable, the packaging itself is environmentally friendly, meeting global standards and client expectations. Molded fiber can also be easily recycled. Because of all these benefits, ecologically-minded companies don’t have to sacrifice their packaging style for a biodegradable option. 

Quick List of Advantages of Molded Fiber Packaging

  • Biodegradable and raw materials for packaging creation
  • Saves up to 75% storage space
  • No additional folding after creation
  • Reliable protection for products
  • Absorbs moisture and odors
  • No static electricity
  • Easy opening and closing

Molded fiber packaging offers business clients and end-use consumers plenty of advantages. Businesses can cut costs by choosing this sustainable and green option while continuing to have beautifully-designed packaging. Consumers receive their product, safely encased in attractive, green packaging that can then easily be recycled or composted.

At Golden Arrow, we aim to offer these advantages to every company that is committed to creating a healthier earth through better stewardship of the earth’s materials and resources. Contact Golden Arrow today to discover the available molded fiber packaging options.

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