Air Pollution
24 Apr

Diminish Air Pollution

Climate change has brought a magnifying glass to the global problem of air pollution. As we build, create, and manufacture, our machines release toxic chemicals into the air that cause smog and other forms of pollution.

Air Pollution

Fossil fuels emit harmful chemicals that can cause serious problems for the environment and people’s health. Greenhouse gas emissions come from the use of fuels such as natural gas, coal, wood, and petroleum.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is a “major environmental health risk” that has led to the premature death of 3 million people. Air pollution also directly leads to water pollution, which is responsible for its own collection of health and environmental consequences. Reducing emissions and preventing air pollution is possible by choosing alternative energy sources and learning how to use our resources wisely.

Steps to Help Diminish Air Pollution

Lage actions on the part of corporations and governments need to be taken in order to reduce air pollution. This does not mean, however, that small, consistent actions will not have an impact in reducing air pollution. Being conscious about the impacts each and every person is having on harmful emissions and striving to reduce those footprints are important steps on the journey to significantly reducing harmful air pollution.

Manage your energy

When you’re not at home, turn off lights and unplug unused appliances. These simple acts help to reduce energy use and corresponding pollution.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Purchase appliances that fit your needs while also being considerate of the environment. Different technology better uses energy than other types.

Carpool or Public Transportation

Using less fossil fuel helps to diminish air pollution. Riding your bike, walking, taking public transportation or electing to carpool with coworkers all help to reduce emissions.

Tighten that Gas Cap

When you fuel up your car, be careful not to spill fuel and to always tighten your gas cap to keep vapors within the tank.

Choose Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

While sanitization is important, strong chemicals are not good for the environment. Great cleaners that are good for the environment include vinegar, certain soaps, and alcohol.

Compost Natural Waste

Another way to help the environment is to compost leaves, mulch, yard waste, and food scraps. This nutrient-dense dirt is so helpful for plant regeneration.

Plant a Garden

Growing plants can help the air pollution because plants naturally clean the air just from existing. Research the plants that would be easiest for you to care for in your regular life, whether it be a small herb garden on an open apartment windowsill or a bed of wildflowers in the front yard.

Buy Green Electricity

While electricity is often provided by certain companies, there is often the choice of electricity that is renewable from hydroelectric, wind, or solar. Research which options are available near you, as well as any tax credits or subsidies that come along with switching to green energy.

Dry your Clothes Outside

Nothing is quite as wonderful as freshly dried clothes from the outside. Minimizing the use of energy via a dryer can help lessen the air pollution and energy use.

Choose Cold Water Rather than Hot

Using hot water requires your water to be heated, which requires more energy than just using cold water. Cold water is actually less destructive for your clothing and your skin: clothing colors stay fresher and certain fabrics won't shrink when washed in cold water. Bathing in hot water dries the skin out faster, but opting for colder water will help to keep moisture locked within your skin.

While these tips to diminishing air pollution may not seem like big contributions to better air quality, the change in attitudes and habits are a significant step in making the world a more eco-friendly place. These small steps reduce energy use and air waste and encourage more sustainable behaviors.

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