Paper Case Series

Our clean and tidy office environment not only increases the overall work efficiency of our team, but it also helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere, which in turn stimulates an endless stream of creativity.

paper case product series

Desk Series

Reducing the impact on our environment has always been our top priority. We have chosen the easiest way to start: changing our own daily living habits.

molded desk accessories

Beauty Series

This series is also created in line with the concept of simplistic trends, with an emphasis on unique shapes and streamlining to better highlight the product features and diversity.

beauty package series

Molded Leather Series

Using kraft paper as the main material, and with a goal to reduce the impact on our environment, Golden Arrow created this series of identification card sets using simple geometric figures, materials, and colors to highlight the elegance and design of these products.

leather product series

Animal Paper Lights

The special lanterns designed by Golden Arrow each year are designed to emulate local arts and spirit, giving them a creative and festive feel.

paper lantern animals