Mission Sustainable

Golden Arrow has been an innovative technology leader in the design and manufacturing of unique packaging solutions for high-end technology businesses. Our professional design team creates dynamic, exclusive packaging for a variety of products, and our green manufacturing and printing methods ensure that your products can meet your environmental goals and adhere to your company's personal commitment to environmentally-sound products from design to production.

Since 1984, Golden Arrow has been the professional printing and packaging service manufacturer that international businesses rely on for integrative packaging solutions. Our printing services are a trusted alternative to traditional, environmentally-damaging printing methods. We utilize only clean and sustainable printing methods, including soy and eco inks and recycled paper products to create modern, striking, and sleek printed materials.

Our skilled engineering teams have developed some truly inspirational machinery and methods to achieve our green mission. From harvesting, to pulp production, alternative energies such as steam and solar power have been utilized.

Golden Arrow began our sustainable journey by transforming our factories and manufacturing equipment into lean, green machines designed to be energy-efficient and minimize pollutants and runoff, ensuring that our processes are working to help the environment instead of destroying it. The water used during our manufacturing process is 100% recycled and reused, safe enough for fish to live in. As proof of concept, we actually use our recycled water to keep a large and fully stocked pond teeming with happy, healthy fish.

Steam Energy

Convection Cooling

100% Water Recycled

Solar Power

Waste Recycling

Natural Lighting

Molded Fiber

The total solution to sustainable packaging.

Since 2012, Golden Arrow has been creating molded pulp packaging solutions to service our industry-leading, high-tech clientele by providing them with strong, durable, and recyclable cushioning, outer packaging, and buffers for a wide variety of products. By using renewable, sustainable natural fiber materials like bamboo and bagasse to create our molded pulp products, Golden Arrow produces more high quality complex structures than traditional pulp mixtures.

Additionally, our unique molded fiber process and materials reduce our manufacturing carbon footprint, and the final product is always 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.

Innovative Design

From concept to production, we make sure your packaging fits.

Creativity and innovation are driving forces behind Golden Arrow Technologies. We partner with our clients through every step of the development process to create something wonderful. Design is a combination of art and functionality, and we are dedicated to being at the forefront of both in sustainable package design.