Green living
03 Feb

Why Are Green Initiatives Important?

Businesses that focus on green initiatives for their workspace, employees, and products prioritize the health of the planet and environment. More and more, society is recognizing that a healthy planet means a sustainable life for future generations. In fact, more than 1.2 billion jobs depend on the earth’s ecosystems.

“Going Green”

A phrase that gets thrown around a lot is “going green,” which refers to the decision that a person makes to preserve the health of the environment by reducing waste. It is also associated with the mindset of learning, practicing, and contributing in ways that help conserve the natural resources and habitats of the earth. Many people do this by looking for ways to reduce waste, pollution, consumption.

Choosing to have green initiatives for your life and business is crucial for a number of reasons. From having less of a long term impact on the planet to the immediate benefits of lowering costs, green initiatives should be a priority for every household and business.

Quick List of Green Things

  1. Opt for renewable energy sources
  2. Choose energy-saving appliances and plumbing systems
  3. Purchase eco-friendly products
  4. Dispose of biodegradable items appropriately
  5. Eat organic
  6. Purchase green cleaning products
  7. Reduce paper use in offices
  8. Start carpooling or telecommuting

Green Initiatives Advantages

The benefits of going green are many. Not only can you help the environment, but green initiatives are advantageous for the economy, general health, and more.

Economic Benefits

People tend to associate going green with increased financial costs, and while there may be upfront costs, the reality is that in the long term money will be saved. Renewable energy sources reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills. Some states even offer incentives to those who create green homes and buildings. Green initiatives are also creating new employment opportunities.

Essentially, a green initiative can cut costs.

Health Benefits

The prioritization of going green results in the reduction of air pollutants and environmental toxins, which means cleaner air for breathing. The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed a study that showed that air pollution causes approximately 2 million premature deaths every year throughout the world. A healthy person is a productive person.

The health of our environment affects human health.

Environmental Benefits

The environment benefits when people make choices that encourage things such as organic farming, responsible land use, and habitat preservation. For example, organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers air pollution. Tree conservation means better air quality.

A healthy environment means a more sustainable future.

Legal and Tax Benefits

Some states are beginning to regulate energy use and emission waste. Businesses must follow suit and incorporate green technology into their daily tasks. For example, Florida allows businesses to produce and sell electricity from renewable energy sources for a corporate income tax credit. On the federal level, the IRS offers businesses with hybrid company cars to take an alternative motor vehicle credit on federal taxes. The federal government also allows companies to receive a tax credit of up to 30 percent for the use of solar and wind energy.

Brand Benefits

There’s something to be said for crafting a brand that is known for environmental stewardship by actively taking steps that prioritize the health of the planet. Consumers are always going to buy products, but there’s the corresponding emotional benefit of knowing that a purchase was also good for the environment. Businesses that have switched to green initiatives are seeing positive responses from consumers.

The importance of green initiative means being a good steward of the environment while also meeting your business goals. Both can be done.

For Golden Arrow, this means zero waste from the inception of an idea to the final product that lands in the hands of the client. To explore green options for sustainable packaging, speak with one of our experts today by emailing