bag of takeout food sitting on kitchen counter
26 Aug

Take the Plastic Out of Takeout: New App Makes Sustainable Choices Easy

Ordering takeout or picking up dinner curbside has been a staple of the pandemic thus far but comes with a flood of harmful plastic and styrofoam packaging. But a new startup is trying to reduce damage to the environment by highlighting takeout options that use Earth-friendly packaging.

The Jybe app is currently only available in select major cities, but their team is hard at work bringing the service to the rest of the United States. They screen restaurant takeout and delivery services and showcase those using renewable, naturally biodegradable, and recyclable packaging and materials.

Although plastic and styrofoam delivery packaging and utensils are designed to be single-use and convenient, they last lifetimes in landfills and oceans. Biodegradable and renewable alternatives uphold all of the convenience without the long-term damage to our environment.

“Jybe wants to help solve the single-use plastic crisis by empowering and encouraging consumers to direct their meal delivery orders to restaurants that are using eco-friendly packaging,” the Jybe website reads.

This service seeks to empower consumers with information to help them make more sustainable choices. Customers may also send reports on which restaurants are using eco-friendly packaging versus plastic packaging, engaging the community in securing greener practices.

By highlighting sustainable takeout solutions, Jybe is helping to support sustainable businesses and eco-friendly restaurants. Their goal is to send a message to restaurant owners and companies everywhere that sustainability matters.

Jybe isn’t just for educating consumers. Restaurants that don’t offer sustainable packaging solutions can consult with Jybe to get guidance on how to transition to more environmentally friendly materials. 

“We've worked hard to find replacements for the most common plastic and fiber containers, and we're completely transparent about the sizes and cost-per-unit so you can compare what you use with what we recommend. If you and your customers like the change, we will connect you with our suppliers and get you on the path to sustainability,” the website reads.

Customers’ purchasing decisions can be a powerful driver of change — and as more businesses shift to a sustainable model, those that are slow to innovate may get left behind. Jybe doesn’t want to isolate non-sustainable businesses, but instead educate them on environmentally responsible business practices and help them to see that a sustainable shift may be a smart business move. 

Shifting away from harmful plastic packaging to greener alternatives is crucial in protecting our environment and keeping our planet healthy. At Golden Arrow, we create luxuriously beautiful, completely sustainable packaging solutions. Learn more today.