Shades of Green
01 Jun

Shades of Green

Imagine a shopping platform that directs consumers to products that are actually sustainable as they shop — Home Goods did just that with their new website called Shades of Green. 

According to Business Wire, Shades of Green uses a proprietary five-point evaluation system to screen products, only showcasing products that meet a minimum sustainability standard on their site. Each product is subject to evaluation based on sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, use and performance, and lifecycle. 

The idea for a sustainably-focused shopping service comes from a higher-than-ever demand for sustainable commerce. Nearly half of all consumers expressed an interest in making sustainable purchases that benefit the health of their homes. But the market is flooded with inconsistent and misleading sustainability claims, and it can be difficult for consumers to separate the legitimate businesses from the rest. 

“An increasing number of consumers want to buy responsibly, but don’t have the time to research and verify the true sustainability of their products,” said Ellen Strickland, Shades of Green Chief Sustainability Officer and LEED Green Associate. “Using 25 variables, our evaluation system provides the details and necessary information needed for consumers to understand the differences between sustainable and conventional products and how these choices can impact the environment, as well as their personal health and wellbeing.”

By scoring each product, Shades of Green allows shoppers to make better purchasing decisions — showing them exactly how a product ranks in terms of sustainability. 

Shades of Green was built to be accessible for all — with prices ranging from an affordable $17.50 for a hand-blown recycled glass tumbler all the way to $398 for a 100% alpaca wool throw. A full list of products can be found at

“As consumers, we desire high-quality products and services that enable a healthier lifestyle and directly contribute to a more sustainable planet,” Angela Wade, Founder and CEO of Shades of Green said. “By providing a curated assortment of beautifully designed, but also sustainable and healthy products, we are helping educate consumers so they can make informed purchasing decisions and become better stewards of our planet.”

Changing the way we shop and conduct business is crucial to securing a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. At Golden Arrow, we are committed to making the packaging industry more environmentally friendly by shifting from single-use plastics to sustainable alternatives.