manufacturing technicians conferring data on laptop
28 Jan

How is Green Manufacturing Beneficial?

The manufacturing industry contributes heavily to the ever-increasing emission of greenhouse gases. Throughout the years, green manufacturing gained traction by adopting sustainable practices and helping cut down on pollution.

Transforming the manufacturing industry is no small feat, but a critical part to lessen society’s footprint. With “sustainability” as a goal in business operations, manufacturers will reap the long-term benefits of implementing eco-friendly improvements.

1. Reduce Costs

Green manufacturing focuses on using less energy and fewer materials. Not only does reducing energy consumption and waste of materials benefit the environment but also saves on spending. This presents the opportunity to produce more products more efficiently, strip waste from operations, and improve the company's financials.

2. Boost Sales

Consumers pay attention to a product’s environmental impact, and as stated in a GreenPrint survey from 2021, 78% of people reported that they are more likely to purchase a product that is labeled environmentally friendly. To meet consumer demands, adopting green policies can boost sales in today’s competitive market. With 76% of respondents reporting that they would switch their “preferred packaged goods brand if they were offsetting carbon emissions,” eco-conscious operations are lucrative.

3. Create Jobs

As green manufacturing evolves, so too does the green workforce. According to Goodwin University, “[C]lean and green manufacturing created 35,382 jobs between the years 2003 and 2010 while the rest of the industry shed in numbers.” The demand for sources of innovation and connector roles drives business and social value. The specialized skillsets of clean economy workers allow them to “earn 13 percent higher salaries than other workers of the U.S. economy.”

4. Improve Worker Morale

Employees want to work for a company they can feel safe at and talk about with pride — and they can be proud of a green company. When employees work under unsuitable manufacturing processes, they are subjected to indoor air pollution, which results in poor health and sometimes chronic illnesses. Green workspaces see a significant improvement in productivity because workers are inspired by a company that cares about the world and their community.

5. Betterment of Social Welfare

Life is the biggest benefit on this list. A company’s actions impact the social welfare of its community and the world. By fostering sustainable initiatives, businesses gradually break down the number of harmful substances being released into the atmosphere. The goal of green manufacturing, overall, is to make a difference in the global carbon footprint and create a healthier world for everyone.

Golden Arrow pushes toward a greener future with our state-of-the-art packaging operations. At every level of production, we optimize manufacturing processes to decrease our environmental impact and utilize natural solutions. A greener tomorrow is possible — learn more today!